Coming to full maturity in the elegant spaces of Palm Beach and New York City, our founder's passion, talent and exquisite taste as a floral design specialist were the driving forces behind the creation of FIFI FIORE, one of the world’s few boutique flower services to offer the astonishingly long-lasting Preserved Roses. 

Having worked in the high-end interior and event design industries for several years, his frustration with the continuous waste of hundreds of flowers being thrown away inspired the long search for a solution. Our founder's pursuit ultimately led him to Ecuador and to the pioneers of the preserved flowers industry. Combining their exclusive methods of flower preservation with his unique vision and creative insight, the answer to his quest was found in what he now shares with the world through FIFI FIORE.

FIFI FIORE is more than a boutique flower curation service.

Our floral design specialists are intent on furnishing you with flowers that are much more than fleeting gifts, short-lived moments or brief aesthetic enhancements.

Inspired by our Italian heritage and aesthetic roots, our arrangements are an enduring experience of timeless beauty that radiate with elegance and sophistication. They are lasting reminders of love and affection, and striking ways to dazzle, express appreciation or profoundly enrich a celebration or event. 

Our unique preserved arrangements, tailored specifically for you and your distinct needs, last for about one year when kept in a cool, dry place (no watering necessary!). They are made with 100% real roses, cut and preserved when they are most pristine and placed through a rehydration process that guarantees a long-lasting freshness and natural appearance. 

If you have any questions while exploring our website and services, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Mille grazie!